One of the features Claris touts is the ability to create UPS labels thru their Claris Connect product. While appropriate for some basic use cases, their workflow for performing shipping has some serious limitations. Let’s talk about the Claris Connect flow in this graphic.

The process of creating an order in FileMaker from Shopify makes sense if you have inventory already in FileMaker and would like to make sure you have proper quantities available, or you have need to have all orders inside FileMaker. However, if you were using Shopify and were doing basic shipping, it’s likely that you would already be using intergrated shipping inside of Shopify instead of some alternate solution like Claris Connect.

The remainder of the flow shown is incorrect. In order to create a label you need to know the weight of the box and package dimensions. Most often the ecommerce system will determine shipping rates based on product weight, but it doesn’t include things like packaging and dimensions which can increase cost. If you create a label with the wrong weight you’re going to incur additional surcharges down the line, after the customer has been charged for shipping.. Next, you would not create a label and then send an alert to order processing, as you’d process an order before shipping. Lastly, Claris Connect doesn’t have the ability to update a Shopify order which is criticial to completing order fulfillment.

There are also a number of deficiencies in Claris Connect and it’s connectors, for example:

  • UPS shipping in Claris Connect supports single packages only
  • UPS shipping in Claris Connect doesn’t support alternate origins for drop and blind shipping
  • UPS shipping in Claris Connect doesn’t allows for passing of a recipient phone number (for delivery issues)
  • UPS shipping in Claris Connect doesn’t support any special services like signature required, insured value or Carbon Neutral indicators
  • UPS shipping in Claris Connect only returns published rates
  • UPS shipping in Claris Connect requires package dimensions
  • UPS shipping in Claris Connect doesn’t support international documentation
  • UPS shipping in Claris Connect doesn’t support third-party billing
  • UPS shipping in Claris Connect doesn’t support QuantumView Notifications
  • Claris Connect cannot update the order status or track number in Shopify after shipment

NRGship UPS for FileMaker is the only carrier-certified solution that provides the complete suite of UPS shipping functionality including address validation, rating, shipping, tracking and pickup requests from FileMaker Pro with compatability with hardware your shipping department has like thermal printers and digital scales. We also offer solutions for FedEx, USPS and multi-carrier.

This is how we’d envision the correct flow with shipping from Shopify using FileMaker Pro:

  • FileMaker Pro connects to Shopify via API and downloads new orders [fmEcommerce Link (Shopify Edition) is a great option if you don’t want to code your own]
  • Orders are created in your FileMaker System
  • Pick slips are printed or displayed on an iPad for new orders
  • Picked orders are packaged
  • Shipping labels are created using NRGship integrated to the order system
  • After shipment, order status and tracking is updated in the order system and Shopify via API

NRG Software has performed numerous integrations with Shopify and other ecommerce solutions specific to workflow. NRGship itself has built-in Shopify integration so that you can seamlessly download orders into NRGship and perform order fulfillment. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss seamless order fulfillment from FileMaker Pro.