Recently, UPS customers have been receiving messaging regarding UPS access keys being retired in June of 2024. NRGship communicates with UPS servers using this interface and has been actively redeveloping using the newer RESTful APIs for release in 2024. We expect this release to be posted before May 1, 2024. Updating to the newer release before June 1, 2024 will provide longterm compatability with future UPS updates.

If you are a FileMaker Developer and have done your own UPS integration with legacy APIs then you may want to evaluate using NRGship FM for UPS instead of investing development resources into your own efforts. NRGship FM is the only carrier-certified solution for UPS, FedEx and USPS shipping from FileMaker Pro. Watch this video to see how you can quickly add UPS rating and shipping in under 10 minutes without the need to do any complex coding.

If you are using the older UPS API on your website or thru some other means be sure to contact those developers for their transition plan.

If you have any questions about the API retirement, please contact NRG support.