Let’s say you’re trying to ship a guitar. The only problem is that you can’t find a box shaped like a guitar. (I do realize that you probably wouldn’t ship a guitar without a case, but stick with me here.) How awesome would it be if you had a box that not only fit your guitar, but would also mold to shape a trophy, or a banana if needed? Well you’re in luck!

Designer Patrick Sung has released his UPACKS concept which allows shippers to mold and shape their packaging to fit any irregular object. Not only does this save on materials for packaging, but UPACKS are also made of recycled corrugated cardboard creating an all-around green experience. UPACKS are cardboard sheets that are able to fold and conform into almost any shape while maintaining structural rigidity. UPACKS is simply genius.

No word yet on actual availability of the product but we are certainly looking forward to seeing more about the concept.

Thank you Alltop for sharing this.