Current releases of all NRGship Pro products for desktop and FileMaker Pro include a feature that allows for printing to remote thermal printers using PrintNode. This can come in handy if you are working remote and want to print labels to a printer in a warehouse used for fulfillment, or if you’re working in a workgroup setting and want to share a thermal printer that does not have built-in networking. First you will need to create a PrintNode account and then install the PrintNode application on the workstation that has the thermal printer connected. Afterwards you can go into NRGship preferences and drop in your API Key so that you’ll be able to select the printer thru the Advanced Printing.

PrintNode is free for up to 50 prints per month, while paid accounts with up to 5,000 prints start at $9.

PrintNode also works great for workstations running NRGship with FileMaker Pro in a Windows Terminal Server session, or for printing to a thermal printer via FileMaker Go or Web Direct.

Please contact NRG support if you need any assistance with PrintNode setup.