ApparelMagic, a FileMaker-based retail sales and inventory management system, now features integration with NRGship UPS and NRGship FedEx in their latest release.  ApparelMagic has been serving the fashion industry for 25+ years offering integrated accounting, EDI, shipping and management software. They have chosen to integrate with NRG because they see great value in adding integrated shipping into their solution.

With NRG, customers can now create UPS or FedEx shipments directly from their invoices and return costs and tracking data back to the invoice immediately after the shipment is created. Customers can also use NRGship to create shipments outside of ApparelMagic, view shipping history and batch track or ship orders.

Be sure to check out how easy it is to ship from ApparelMagic with NRGship. The site offers a video demonstration and a full list of integration features. Get started today with a free 15 day trial!