With impending updates to NRGship FM for UPS and FedEx, there is no time better than now to upgrade your end-of-life (EOL) FileMaker application. As of June 2024, EOL versions are defined as any release before FileMaker v19.6 from December 2022.

Besides the need to update for NRGship FM compatibility, there are numerous additional benefits according to Claris Partner Harlow Technologies.

  1. Pushing off updates makes future updates harder
  2. Lack of Claris support
  3. Older versions of FileMaker Go are not available on the AppStore
  4. Fixes for security vulnerabilities
  5. Newer is better – there are many time-saving features in new versions of FileMaker Pro

The other benefit we would add is compatibility with newer operating systems and hardware. Old versions of FileMaker Pro likely will not run on newer Macs. By upgrading at least to FileMaker 19.6 you have compatibility with the latest OS releases. If you have older hardware, any Mac since 2012 can be updated to macOS Catalina 10.15. This provides a base environment to mix old and new hardware so you can make plans  for future hardware and software updates.

The current NRG support policy states that NRGship requires a minimum of Claris FileMaker Pro v18 however it may work with older versions.

If you need assistance with upgrading or FileMaker licensing, please contact our sales department.