Press Release – Print UPS Shipping Labels from GarageSale 6 with NRGship

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – NRG Software, developers of the first UPS shipping software for the Mac, NRGship UPS, today announced an exciting new partnership with GarageSale, the leading eBay auction management software for Mac. This new partnership extends a 60-day free trial of NRGship UPS to all GarageSale 6 users, allowing them to start shipping their completed auctions via UPS from their Mac.

GarageSale 6 is a full-featured client application for the eBay auction system. Users can edit, track and manage all of their auctions with ease. Now users will be able to create UPS shipping labels. One click adds the buyers shipping address & email along with the item weight directly to NRGship UPS. Another click to ship and then it’s simple to return tracking details to Garage Sale.

Key features of NRGship UPS:
* Built for the Mac OS
* Domestic UPS Shipping, Rating, Tracking
* Street Level Address Validation
* Quantum View Email Notifications
* Displays customer discounted UPS rates
* Thermal Printer & Digital Scale Support

In addition to integrating with GarageSale, NRGship UPS can be used to create shipments outside of eBay. Other key features include integration with the Mac Address Book, simple importing of WorldShip and UPS address books.

GarageSale 6 users can take advantage of the 60-day free trial by downloading and using the promo code “garagesale”. Users must have the GarageSale application and a valid UPS account number for trial.

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Don’t be intimidated by International Shipping!

Looking to expand globally but concerned, confused or even scared off  by customs forms, duties, taxes and other logistics issues?  DON’T BE!!

UPS has enlisted the help of Jim Beach and Chris Hanks, founders of The Entrepreneur School, to teach  a series of seminars across the US on global trade.  The seminars are free of cost and will help you recognize and reduce risk, give you tools to avoid customs errors and help you efficiently manage your export inventories.

For more information on seminar dates and registration, visit today! And when you’re ready to start shipping globally, NRGship UPS Pro has got you covered.

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Ship smarter with Paperless Invoicing…

A great way to save on paper and reduce the risk of your international shipment getting held up at customs is to use the Paperless Invoicing feature provided by UPS. Paperless Invoicing is offered free to UPS customers and allows for an electronic transmission of customs documents. UPS claims that this reduces the likelihood of customs hold by 41 percent!

Some key features of the Paperless Invoice include:

  • Reduction of risk that the paperwork will be lost
  • Allows importers to keep customs values confidential
  • Reduces the reliance on paper, making the shipment more environmentally friendly

NRG has worked Paperless invoicing into our international shipping solutions.  This is just one of many ways we’ve made it easy for UPS shippers to make the switch to our solutions. If you’d like to learn more about Paperless Invoicing you can visit and sign up!

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Ship Carbon Neutral with UPS

If you’re interested in reducing your climate impact, UPS’s new carbon neutral program is worth looking into.  UPS has purchased certified carbon credits for their customers to offset the emissions produced by their shipments. Joining their carbon neutral program is a great way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to their environmental impact.

You can learn more about carbon offset and what UPS is doing to help offset climate impact by visiting

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It’s easy to ship UPS from your Mac!

Here at NRG, we’re always looking for new ways to make life a little bit easier.  Today is no different. We now have an overview video available for our NRGship UPS Pro product! The video highlights all of the great features of Pro and offers up some helpful tips for using it.  Head on over to NRGsoft to check it out for yourself and leave us some feedback on what you think.

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Free shipping supplies!

So you’ve got the goods, you’ve picked your carrier….There’s only one thing left. Shipping supplies. Did you know that all of the major carriers offer their users FREE shipping supplies simply by holding an account with them?

UPS shippers holding a UPS account qualify for free shipping supplies. By simply logging into your My UPS account, you can search and order packaging, labels, air freight supplies and even pre-printed forms.  The best part is that if you use the same supplies over and over, My UPS allows you to easily reorder the supplies you use frequently. All of our NRGship customers also qualify for free labels to use in their thermal or laser printers and are provided with a quick link to order supplies from all of our solutions.

Similar to UPS, FedEx also offers their registered users access to free shipping supplies. They provide free shipping of their products and guarantee them to arrive within 2-5 business days.  They also allow shippers to visit any of their local FedEx locations to pick up supplies if they are needed quickly.  Also offered for free are various specialty shipping supplies including COD air waybills, Clinical Pak’s and identifier labels.

The USPS provides everyone the opportunity to receive free Priority Mail boxes, various shipping forms and Express Mail packaging. You can even get mailing stickers and entire shipping kits at no charge. Visit the USPS Postal Store for more details. USPS packaging, forms and labels can also be ordered for free through Endicia.

Visit your carrier website today for more information on how to get your own free shipping supplies and be on your way to easier shipping!

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Move Your WorldShip Addresses to NRGship Mac!

One of the great new features of NRGship Mac is the ability to import your address book from WorldShip. And for our NRGship Mac Pro users, don’t fret because WorldShip imports have been available to you since your initial download.

You can say ‘bon voyage’ to that PC by following a few easy steps; All you need to do is login to WorldShip and use our easy to follow help document to export your address book.  Once exported, a .CSV file will appear on your desktop containing the address book data.  Follow a few easy steps to import your address book into NRGship Mac or NRGship Mac Pro and you’ll never have to look at a PC again!

I bet you never thought it would be so simple to ship UPS from your Mac.

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Chocolate milk via UPS

I’ve never had to ship chocolate milk but apparently enough people are asking the UPS experts about it to feature the question on their recent list: “Top 10 questions of spring 2010.” Check out their recent posting to learn more about shipping chocolate milk, C.O.D. policies and how to ship your luggage.

We did notice that they were missing one question: “Can you ship from your Mac?” Of course you can!

Top 10 questions of spring 2010

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