As previously mentioned, all NRGship FM for UPS users (and users of multi-carrier Ship Connect) will need to update to current versions for UPS API compatibility before early June 2024.

Customers who are using a single carrier solution should have no issue upgrading. Customers with Ship Connect or combinations of UPS and other carriers should contact NRG Support. We have tested with versions going back to FileMaker Pro v16 however we highly recommend updating to v19 or above to take advantage of full functionality. If you are using an older version of FileMaker Pro we also provide some upgrade resources.

In the video below we will walk you thru the following steps to upgrade files hosted on FileMaker Server.

  • Preview your existing install for any modifications to layouts or scripts that will need to be applied after upgrading
  • Open your FileMaker Server (FMS) Admin Console
  • Within the FMS Console
    • Close the four NRGship UPS files
    • Download the four files from FileMaker Server to your downloads folder
    • Remove files from FileMaker Server
  • Create a folder and drop in the downloaded files, expanding if necessary
  • Rename the files you just downloaded with .bak.fmp12
  • Download new UPS files from
  • Drop the four new files into the folder with the .bak.fmp12 files
  • Open the NRGship Pro UPS file and it will ask about importing prefs/data from backup – say yes
  • During the preference import it’s going to ask you to login to to link NRGship to your UPS account. This is required information.
  • In NRGship, go to UPS accounts tab – it should show your UPS accounts with API info
  • Close up files
  • In your existing files (the .fmp12.bak files), check for a post-shipment script and copy from backup UPS Data file if necessary
  • Within FileMaker Pro, upload files back to FileMaker Server
  • Within the FMS Console, re-open files on server
  • Within FileMaker Pro, be sure to apply any layout or script customization to the new files
  • Note that when your NRGship Account was created your previous license code was used for your password

You can also perform an update directly on the server, bypassing the need to download and upload files. When replacing files be sure to check for proper OS file permissions before re-opening on server.

Workstations will auto-update plugins as needed. If you have plugins located in older directories (ex: the FileMaker Pro application folder or Shared folder in user folders) then you will need to remove those so the plugin install can properly complete.

Be sure to check out our release notes for information on new features and fixes.

If you are uncomfortable performing the upgrade on your own, then reach out to NRG Support for assistance.